New And Reimagined Music Genres Of 2016


Music genres come and go; sometimes, they stay a while and sometimes they are lost before they hit the ears of their audience, smothered by mainstream music. Whatever the reason, there are some emerging genre that have a small but faithful following, creating a cult rather than just a music experience, but whose roots still lie in more conventional songs. 2016 has been a great year for emerging artists and DJs, with a plethora of remixes hitting the shelves and more importantly, becoming successful. Both upcoming and established artists have chosen this to be the year they decide to color outside the lines.


Rock and Pop remain two of the most relatable music genres of all time, so it comes as no surprise that many spin-offs like Air Pop, Progressive Heavy Electro Rock and the more undiscovered Conspiracy Rock have emerged. With big, modern beats like those found in Electronic Dance Music (EDM) tracks and dubstep, along with live guitars, Prog Heavy Electro Rock is sure to get hair flying, while Conspiracy Rock will fuel the paranoia element by adding deep lyrics about Illuminati and even trippier guitars. For people who appreciated the experimental pop band of yester years, Massive Attack, Air Pop is an extension of the genre, with several established artists venturing into it.

For Moby-inspired music, the Glitch Soulazz offers jazz and blues with an electronic backdrop, giving it a definite dance floor feel. Keeping with the dance floor theme, country dance music has made a new comeback. CDM bring all the floor-thumping associated with country music and merges it with an electronic beat. Avicii is a master of this genre, but more artists are getting into the groove. To finish off, here is something for those who love TSO – Orchestral IDM. Unlike the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, it is an adventure into Trance Rock but backed by an extraordinary orchestral medley.

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