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Summer Fashion Trends As Fresh As Frozen Watermelons


Summer is finally here, and the long beautiful days seem to call for a new wardrobe to be put together to celebrate the sun. This year, the gurus of fashion continue to lean toward the casually put together look, reminiscent of the boho look in the past years. While some staples seem here to stay, there have been some changes to the way they are dressed up, especially with bags and shoes. With the addition of a few chic accessories, you are ready to hit a summertime barbeque or dance the evening away at a music festival.

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Dresses are all the rage. Ruffled dresses that seem to belong to a modern fairytale with dramatic, cascading ruffles are a must-have for those craving a little drama and luxury. Speaking of luxury, the trending of wearing underwear as outerwear continues to run strong this season. The chemise-like slip dress is an effortless way to keep things cool, understated and naturally sensual. For the music festival goers, the look for the next summer musical has been set in stone – the prairie-inspired, drop-waisted, floral dress. Teamed with ankle boots to keep your toes safe and a denim jacket, this is the look of the season.

Keeping with the boho-esque theme, the humble rucksack has become one of the staples accessories of this summer, taking on a chic leather look. Chunky-heeled sandals (especially the light-up ones from Chanel) are also on top of the shopping list. For a more casual, everyday look, invest in logo shirts from Vetements or FCUK and dig out your denim mini skirt from the 90’s. Cutouts are here to stay and the off-shoulder look is no exception. Shoulder-baring is barely considered inappropriate, though it does grab your attendance in a nonchalant way. The topping on the cake, the crème de la crème, is the reboot of the tiara. No longer just for birthday parties or Swan Lake but for everything; you deserve to feel like a princess.

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