Orthodontic Treatment

As we leave adolescence far, far behind, thoughts of orthodontic treatment are left far behind, too. As adults, we may remember going through braces as a teen or had parents who may not have been able to afford orthodontic treatment. Because that’s who wears braces, right? Teens! Not anymore! People of ALL ages are seeking orthodontic treatment more today than ever before. In fact, adults now make up more than 25% of those in orthodontic treatment!

Why should adults get treatment? Though adult bone growth is complete, straightening the teeth and aligning the jaws is still possible. Good orthodontic treatment has many benefits to an adult’s overall health. Crooked teeth are harder to clean and can cause deterioration of tooth enamel and gums. Poor gum health has been shown to have a direct link to heart disease. Also, digestion can be adversely affected by inadequate chewing due to poor tooth and jaw alignment. orthodontic treatment

TMJ and bruxism (grinding of teeth) are also growing problems with adults. Poor alignment of teeth and jaws is usually a primary cause of these types of painful issues. Adults often say orthodontic treatment gave them a “brace lift” because the bone structure can be affected during the expansion of the arches and alignment of the jaws. Treatment can result in fuller lips, a more contoured appearance, and possibly the advancement of the lower jaw, creating a stronger jawline and eliminating the “double chin”. More here on this website

Still not sold? Don’t like the fact braces are too noticeable? Limit your diet? Too painful to lips and cheeks? Invisalign is a great option for many adults. Invisalign is a series of clear aligners and small tooth-colored attachments on the teeth to gradually straighten your teeth and jaws. Since there are no brackets to knock off with sticky, hard food, Invisalign allows patients to eat whatever they want!

Impatient? Orthodontic treatment takes too long? Acceledent is a revolutionary new product used in conjunction with either braces or Invisalign for 20 minutes a day. It can cut your treatment time by 50%! Acceledent can be a fantastic option for adults wanting to finish treatment in time for big events like a wedding or class reunion.

There are soooooo many options and benefits today to getting orthodontic treatment…no more excuses!

One of the greatest things about those “sweet” holidays Valentine Day, Easter, and Halloween-is to have a guilt-free excuse to eat lots and lots of candy! Unless, of course, you have some kind of expansion appliance or braces in your mouth! Booooooo! Lots of the sticky, sweet stuff winds up wrapped around that metal or (gasp!) breaks something! Not to mention, all that sugar LOVES to sit and lounge on your precious enamel and encourages cavities. Double boooooo!!!!! Hold on, hold on…just because you’ve decided that now’s the time to straighten your teeth and fix your bite doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy those beloved sugary treats once in a while. You just have to be more careful about which ones you put in your mouth and don’t forget to BRUSH afterward! So let’s break it down…

Candy you CAN have :

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate
melt-in-your-mouth treats like Pop-Rocks
Suckers (as long as you LICK them and NOT CRUNCH them)
Fun Dip & Pixi Stix
Did I say CHOCOLATE???

Candy you need to AVOID :

Hard, chewy kind like Skittles, Starburst, Tootsie Rolls
Anything with nuts
Anything with caramel, marshmallows, or toffee
Gummy bears, Sour gummies, or Laffy Taffy

Did I miss some candy? Of course, but just use your noodle and if it seems iffy, avoid it! So just remember, as long as you continue to brush and floss like a champ after you eat anything, you keep seeing your general dentist for regular check-ups and cleanings, and you use good sense about what you eat, you CAN enjoy those fun candy holiday

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Do You Remember Your First Visit To The Dentist

We may still remember, from the past, the way we behaved when our parents took us for our first visit to the dentist. With the advancement of technology and the development of new approaches in dentistry, children nowadays love every visit to the dentist. Dentistry for children has rightly blossomed into a new field.

As with any other place in the United States, dentists for children are a must for your children. This is to avoid any dental problems that may arise during their adolescence that will lead to more serious problems.

pediatric dentist

What a sweet kid. Cute lovely nice child behaving nicely and looking unafraid while sitting at the dentists chair

You may be asking yourself if it is worth the visit or if your children will love it. The following are five reasons why children will love pediatric dentists:

Atmosphere – pediatric dentists maintain an office that all children will love. Bright colors and pictures abound as well as available toys and playsets. Also, the clinic staff is well trained and can easily adjust to the behavior of children.
Specialist Dentist- pediatric dentists are highly trained. They can easily control the behavior of children through what is known as behavior modification which they have studied extensively. They are very patient with children which leads to excellent results.

Playground – related to the first reason, children often feel they are on a play date whenever they are in the clinic of their pediatric dentist. This is because of the fact that it was designed with the comfort of the children in mind.

No anxieties – the moment your children will step into the office their pediatric dentist, anxiety and fear are all but forgotten. The highly-trained staff ensures that children are relaxed before seeing the dentist. It is a very different process when compared to that of adults.

Freebies – oftentimes, pediatric dentists are prepared to give rewards to cooperative children. On the other hand, they also offer a reward to those uncooperative ones. These small tokens are valued by children that they will often anticipate the next trip to the dentist.

When compared to general dentists, pediatric dentists are best for children. The training they underwent after dental school makes it easy for them to communicate with children and deal with their dental issues.

If you want to find the best dentist for children in your area, a quick search on Google will produce instant results. Try to find one that is near you. Pay a quick visit to evaluate the services they offer. Most pediatric dentists won’t charge much for visits like this. If you find one that suits your needs, then schedule a visit with your child.

Just always remember though that the key to your child’s dental health depends on you as their parent.

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Drain Cleaning Service for Less with Us

Enjoy Better Fort Worth Drain Cleaning Service for Less with Us

If your drains get clogged up fairly frequently or you’re now dealing with a really horrible drain clog for which you’ll need professional Fort Worth drain cleaning service, you’ll find the right drain cleaning team that can help you right here with us.Drain cleaning
We are happy to offer Fort Worth drain cleaning service that goes above and beyond the competition. We not only get rid of clogs; we get rid of all the debris that has been stuck in your drain line so that you wonít have to stress about clogging for a long time to come. Our professional drain cleaning methods are top-quality, safe for your drain lines, and extremely effective. Plus, our professional services fit the budget, so with us, you can look forward to better drain cleaning for less.

If you have a drain clog or just want to make sure your drain lines are as clean as a whistle, then do the right thing and give us a call for professional Fort Worth drain cleaning. You can learn more about our drain cleaning services when you browse through our website, http://aaa-augerplumbingfortworth.com. If you have any questions about our quality plumbing services or you’d like to get started with service, then give us a call today or you can use the contact form found on our website.

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