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Trends That Shaped 2016’s Gaming World

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With the end of the year rapidly approaching, there are some subtle introductions, some old and some new, that have helped shaped this year’s games. From background scores to game animation, these elements have facilitated the way to gaming in 2017.


A throwback from the 80’s synthwave soundtracks have become a staple to a game’s soundtrack. Synthwave has been bestowing the soundtrack for everything from violent pixelated shooters to trippy 4D animation. No less important is CG content of a game, especial RPG. With games like The Elder Scrolls and The Witcher taking the upper echelons of animation fame, CG is evolving to become more and more life-like. Of course, there is still a high demand market for pixelated retro game reboots and originals. FPS games are also making a strong comeback as are command text input games.

The usual suspects for movie-based gameplay are also present in this year’s lineup, though a more abstract approach on the scenario has certainly garnered more favorable responses than an overall straightforward approach. However, game play is not the only way a story evolves; the cinematic scenes have become more believable, and complex. With Japan entering the PC gaming foray, old beloved classics are making their way onto PC screens, creating the perfect excuse for new gamers to join the cult.

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Trends That Will Be Seen Regularly In Future Video Games


Gaming started to pick up steam in the 90’s and has yet to lose it. It has become a way to connect and for a sense of team comradeship that real life does not afford us. The past few years have seen the rise of VR and indie game developers, but that could all change. Okay, so virtual reality is still all the rage now but there are plenty of other trends that could significantly alter the future of gaming.


To get it out of the way, VR is still the best thing to happen to the gaming industry and now developers are looking into ways include multiplayer onto existing platforms. Elaborating on VR is augmenting physical bodies into the game play, like a more intense Wii workout. Augmented reality, like Pokemon Go, is also a great way to get people moving. This could also mean slow but sure updates to current gaming consoles.

Going into the actual game production, crunch time and indie studios are expected to decline and increase respectively. New games will be designed to create an emotional bonding between the player and the interface for more in-depth game play as well as longer playing hours. There are many more issues and improvements in the gaming world but these are some that are surely going to shape future games.

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