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Why People Should Be Listening To Music Everyday

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There is no one that doesn’t love music as it plays an integral role in our lives. Be it the music playing low and slow on the way to work that sets the mood for the day, the motivational music that pushes us as we workout, or the background score to music in a particularly tear-jerking part of a movie that pushes our emotions over the edge, it can alter moods and weave a. To say music is a communication medium between cultures is hardly an understatement. Recently, the health implications of listening to music were also discovered.


The love for music can stem from a very early age. Many studies have shown that an early music education can help stimulates the child’s mental capacity in ways that help improve verbal communication and visual skills. For younger children, this materializes in the form of a better grasp of language skills and for slightly older children, this helps them develop a higher IQ. For aging people, music acts as an exercise, keeping the mind sharp and allowing for better memory, even in people who have had brain damage. It is also a well-known fact that music helps regulate heartbeat and blood pressure by releasing endorphins inside the brain, irrespective of the music you listen to.

Apart from the physical benefits of listening to music, the psychological benefits are immense. In fact, listening to the right kind of music can aid in the release of dopamine, a feel-good chemical which lifts your mood. Similarly, music can help fight off depression and mental illness, at the same time strengthening the immune system and making the listener more immune to pain. Soft music has also been known to cure mild forms of insomnia and get a better quality of sleep, something that is imperative to a happy, functioning human. So plug in your headphones and listen to your daily dose of happiness.

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